Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who is taking bets on a Mother's Day Baby?

A few years ago I had the great honour to meet Barb of ForEvermore Tattoos and Fine Art when she did my Memorial Tattoo for my Grandmother. She has since done some amazing cover up work for my husband and some new "ink" on some friends of ours - Kat Von D has nothing on you Barb!

Barb (and her wonderful husband) are finally working on their greatest piece of Fine Art at the moment - and I am putting bets on a Mother's Day arrival of the First ForEvermore Adorable Baby! Enjoy your sneak peeks from our recent maternity session -

Barb and Trevor I will be emailing your password for your private online gallery tonight. Can't wait to meet your new addition.



Denise W said...

great photos Heather! (as usual)!!

barb said...

"They're so beautiful!!! Thank you so much Heather. Trevor and I are going to have a hard time deciding which ones! I love what you wrote on your blog - I teared up!!!
Thank you again - you're awesome!!!"